Exterior Home & Landscape Lighting

Exterior lighting is a great addition to your home and landscape. Not only can you highlight and accent different features for safety and aesthetics, but you also increase the value of your home. Let Metrowest Irrigation design a complete lighting package that fits your budget and is tailored to your lifestyle. Enjoyment of your exterior home or landscape should not be limited to daylight hours.

Our lighting packages are installed with practices that are unsurpassed in the industry. We believe that your investment in landscape lighting should be protected. With that in mind, we heat shrink all connections keeping them protected from water, moisture and dirt. In addition, all cables running under the lawn are installed in conduit to protect them from lawn aeration, slice-seeding and edging of the garden beds.

Benefits of Lighting

Highlighting the architectural elements and features of your home.

Spot, wash and up lights can be used to bring out the beauty of your home in the evening.

Lighting for safety.

Walkways and paths can be illuminated to provide a safer walking experience once the sun has gone down. Additionally, lighting the home and landscape can greatly reduce the chances of a home break in or vandalism.

Enhancing the beauty of your landscape.

Lighting allows you continued enjoyment of your landscape well into the evening. There are several directional lighting techniques that are used to bring life to your landscape.

Create dramatic focal points.

Lighting brings out landscape features that add to the beauty of the evening landscape. Possible focal points are trees, arbors, statues, water features, walls and fences.

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